7 of Many Reasons to Visit Samoa

To most it’s the Pearl of the Pacific, to some the Cradle of Polynesia, but to us it’s Home. Although Samoa is well-known for Athletes worldwide in various sports, little is known about our island.

1. Robert L. Stevenson Final Home

Robert Louis Stevenson, a famous Scottish writer is ranked among the 26 most translated authors in the world. Treasure Island, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde are just some of his great works. To this day he rests atop Mt Vaea overlooking the Apia harbor, next to his home which serves as a museum in honor of his legacy.

2. Victorious Manu Samoa

Samoa’s national rugby team, “Manu” has fought courageously over the past 2 decades earning a place in the world’s top 10. For the first time in history, Manu Samoa became world champions in 2010 for the overall Sevens Tournaments. Today, a lot of Samoan players are contracted by rugby teams throughout Europe, Asia, United States and the South Pacific.

3. Samoan Celebrities and Famous Athletes

Dwayne Johnson ( The Rock )

Dwayne’s maternal grandfather, Peter Maivia was a former Samoan High Chief and Wrestler. Dwayne or also known as “The Rock”, mentions often in his interviews that he is proud of his Samoan heritage and feels honored to be a Samoan. During a visit to Samoa in 2004, he was annointed by Head of State, Malietoa Tanumafili II with the chiefly title of “Seiuli” meaning,


David Tua, a proud son of Faleatiu village started boxing at the age of 8. His father would pick out his opponents from the street, offering them loaves of bread and sweets from the family’s convenience store. The family later moved to New Zealnd where David pursued his long journey in the world of boxing. Today, he is a top heavy weight contender and a possible potential for heavy champion of the world.

Troy Polamalu

Pittsburgh Steelers and All-Pro safety, Troy Polamalu has made his mark in the American National Football League as the Nation’s Best Defensive Back. He has led the Steelers to their many accomplishments such as:

  1. 2X Superbowl Champion
  2. 6X Pro-bowl selection
  3. 3X First Team All Pro
  4. 2010 NFL Defensive Player of the Year

4. Samoa is the Oldest Polynesian Civilization

The Pulemelei or star pyramid is Polynesia’s largest and most ancient structure. At its base, it measures about 65×60 meters and 14 meters high. According to The Ancient Mysteries report, “Settlemets dating to ca. 1000-1600 AD are associated with the site, but the actual construction is unknown. Its original purpose and the indentity of its creators remains a mystery.”

5. Faa-Samoa (Samoan Way of Life)

Meet the warmest smiles from our people and the hospitality that we are known for. Come and see a people living simple lives yet have kept intact the secrets to happiness. Let our energetic way of life bring you a memorable package of excitement and relaxation. Communities still depending and respecting Mother Earth to support their families.

6. Tallest Blowholes in the Southern Hemisphere

Alofaaga Blowhole is a spactacular explosion especially at high tide. Waves can shoot water through these lava tubes as high as 100ft.

7. Tropical Paradise with breath taking scenic views

Our island is a green oasis that rises from the blue Pacific Ocean full of life and laughter. Savaii, Apolima, Manono and Upolu are the four main islands, Savaii being the biggest and Upolu being the most fertile. The temperature is warm year round with a north wind that fans the islands continually. Surrounded mostly by reef, lagoon aqua-life thrives in variety of forms creating an unimaginable snorkeling experience. Take a dip in our tranquil waters for the Pacific Ocean has been known to have therapeutic touch. The serene natural beauty of the island can only be described by the eyes.

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